Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pen and Notebook world tour!

What are your favorite places to find pens and notebooks?

I'm sure that everyone here has been, if not shopped at, Jetpens or The Daily Planner. Shopping online is nice for for obvious reasons, but there is nothing like going into a shop and actually looking around.

Some of my favorite discoveries have been from just poking around places like Greer, Paper Source, and particularly Paper Boy.

I'm currently planning a trip to Pendemonium in the next few weeks, and it got me thinking. What would be the pen and notebook world tour look like?

What are your favorite places? Shoot me links, link me pics, and let's create a comprehensive list of the best pen and notebook stores around the country.


Speedmaster said...

I LOVE JetPens. ;-)

Biffybeans said...


Shade said...

My list:
-A Muji Store(Fantastic fine-point pens for cheap and simple prices, along with cute notebooks)
-Japan-And just visit every pen and notebook store there is in the big cities like Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo.
-Taiwan: For cheap pens in impossibly thin writing sizes, like 0.38, which you have to order special if you're in the US, there you can buy them in bulk.
-Italy: for leather journals
-India: for silk-covered journals
-Germany: For fountain pens like the Pelikan L65 for cheap!