Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Review: Pentel Slicci 03

Pentel Slicci 03 (4 stars)
Compare to: Hi-Tec-C, Signo Bit .18/.28/.38.

The Pentel Slicci is a pen that generates a lot of buzz. Some declare it to be the best pen ever made, while others say that the body is too small to be useful.

Personally? I agree with both sides. The body is quite thin compared to others, which makes extended writing uncomfortable. On the other hand, it writes better than any other pen I've used. In the meantime, other users have found ways to work around the problem.

Nearly every other small diameter pens, specifically the Hi-Tec-C .03, eats into the paper terribly and screws with your writing pace. The Slicci shows no signs of this, unless you hold it at a strange angle. Don't get me wrong, the Slicci will still leave quite an indentation on your paper, but will not dig giant holes as you write. I don't think I'll be using this pen for class notes, but it is perfect for writing in cards and personal notes.

The colors are vibrant and stand out on the page, and there are plenty to choose from. The body design may be too thin for some, but visually stands out against all the other pens out there. These are pens that I would bring to a job interview, or some place important where I may need to write things.

Don't use this pen: for taking really quick class notes.
Use this pen: on your fine stationery, specifically on thick cardstock.


Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present to you.....THE GIANT MOLESKINE!

Measuring in at a glorious 7.5x9.75, this beast is the king of the moleskine world. It is pictured dwarfing a small 'pocket' sized moleskine weekly planner, an iPod nano, and a Piticolon pen.

When I first saw the giant moleskine in Paper Boy I didn't recognize as a true moleskine. But indeed , my friends, it is.

Running it through the standard test of using every pen I own on it, I can say that it is a standard moleskine, only GIANT.

Currently my bias is that I have never seen another moleskine like this in any store, therefore I love it. Do I need any other reason?

There is nothing much more to say about these notebooks. They are traditional softcover moleskines, available in the beige (pictured) or black, with the usual plain (pictured), ruled, or squared pages. The paper is the same as any other, and is a joy to rub your hands on (ya, I'm just that weird).

Some may say they are too big, some may say they are just right. I say keep 'em coming.

Review: Paper Boy

Paper Boy (5 stars)
1351 West Belont
Chicago, IL 60657

Paper Boy's website says "we just sell paper" and that is no lie. Every corner, nook, and cranny is covered in paper of some sort. Every time I go in I uncover something new and amazing.

Paper Boy is the type of store that will make you inventory every item stocked to keep in mind for every project to come. Believe me: they will be the first on your shopping list for journaling, invitations, cards, and gifts. I used to think I knew what to look for in a paper store, but after visiting I realized that my standards were sorely lacking. The main criteria? Stocking the giant Moleskine. Let me repeat that: THE GIANT MOLESKINE.

Paper Boy features a full selection of notebooks, address books, cards, and cute stationary. Now, I've been in a lot of stationary stores, and I've seen a lot of the boring light pastel sheets of plain and lifeless note paper. Ya ya, good for formal occasions, but what about the younger crowd? In stock is a large collection of some of the cutest and quirkiest stationary and note paper you can imagine; most of which will make you want to start writing notes just so you have an excuse to use it. There is also one of the largest postcard sections I've ever seen.

Unfortunately their pen selection is very limited, but I was so enthralled with the paper that I didn't even notice.

Scattered about the gluttony of paper are super fun and funky gifts. The best part? CHEAP! This is the place where you go for that friend who has everything. Go in with a strange request: come out with a unique and special gift.

Paper Boy is a must visit in Chicago.

Material Goods

Do we realize just how much we buy in a day? I tend to put receipts in my pockets and car which always ends up causing a pile-up of paper. Every now and again I wade through the wads of paper to see my consumer trail.

How many times have you fished out a receipt only to find that you have no recollection of that purchase? Sometimes it can be scary to look back at the things that we buy. Take a look into a cluttered room. At some point, someone bought each and every item that surrounds you. Do you remember it? Can you trace the lifetime of that product?

These life stories can be quite funny when you take a look at second or third hand items. I love picking up an old book and thinking about the hands that touched it before mine.

The Pen Hunter

We all hunt something. Love, cars, jobs, etc. I hunt pens. Okay, okay. I'm not that serious. I do, however, have a small obsession with office supplies.